Johnson City Gold – it doesn’t add up

I am a graphic designer as well as a detailed technical writer. The combination can be lethal to my peace of mind at times.

When Mountain Dew previewed their new soda, Johnson City Gold, last month, I had to buy a pack. And then I just had to check out the packaging.

Johnson City Gold soda

Can anyone tell me why the math on the calories does not add up? Should it?

It looks like a simple editing mistake that would have cost a chunk of points and heaped embarrassment upon any student’s head during their college days.  However, there is a contest to redesign the second batch. That should fix things.

Johnson City Gold nutrition facts

Mistake or not in the packaging department… I admit, I like the malt taste, not to mention the name and the vintage design. I will be sad to see that change.

3 thoughts on “Johnson City Gold – it doesn’t add up

  1. Rounding. Manufacturers can round up or down as they like – but there are rules – can’t remember any of them now – but some of the items on the list can be rounded up by up or down to 5 percentage points/grams and others can be round up or down up to 10 percentage points/grams.

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