A morning freeze can’t steal my butterfly summer

The temperature was below freezing this morning here in central Indiana. Personally, I am not ready for it. The summer was nearly unbearably hot, but I loved every minute of it.

This was the summer of the butterflies as I practiced my digital camera settings on what I considered an easily accessible and daily challenge. Surprisingly, as the months wore on, these little creatures stirred my imagination and inspired me to learn more about them.

The butterflies are gone, yet their beauty lingers in my mind’s eye, and the photos captured through hours of patient watching and waiting will give me years of pleasure.

I am looking forward to next summer and the hunt for the ultimate photo!

Below are several sites that assisted in informing my new found passion.

  1. Butterflies and Moths of North America
  2. North America Butterfly Association
  3. Insect Identification

In addition, I shared some of the sets on Flickr as well as on my Noah Project.

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