Weekly Travel Theme: On Display

Key West. That romantic place on the far Southern end of our 48 contiguous states, surrounded by water and sporting the beautiful home of Ernest Hemingway. Woven throughout the history and beautiful architecture are the markets and enchanting displays meant to lure tourists into spending their money.

Key West shopping

The Key is a colorful, happy, and light-hearted place, which is demonstrated in the open air shopping and the casual attitude concerning the chicken-citizens wandering the streets.

I rounded up this little fella who had become separated from his mother and scooted him her direction. As loudly as he was hollering, I imagine she would have found him on her own, eventually. Key West shopping baby chick

The irony of the curious chickens tilting their heads at the porcelain display fowl gave me a good chuckle as I wondered what they were thinking.

“They did not quite catch my likeness on that one.”

“Hmmm, yes, I would say that looks a bit like Pete.”

“I say, old boy, I am really not into this abstract form. Doesn’t look like a chicken at all, in my estimation.”

“Who in their right mind would paint us yellow, we are not bright yellow!”

Key West shopping hen

Key West shopping rooster

This post was written in participation with Where’s My Backpack’s weekly Travel Theme challenge: On Display.

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