Roasted Pecans


Our pecan tree took a lightening hit, which left it with a blood red scar running down it’s stately trunk, but possibly saved our house.

The day following the strike that hit our tree, another strike hit our neighbor’s home and wiped out her electronics. I am grateful our ground wire took the hit instead!

My question: Will we have roasted pecans this year?

The Path: The lightening ran down the tree, peeling bark in a long and twisting stripe, then about 2 foot above the ground, it jumped to a cable that was stapled along the fence (shredding it to pieces). Running along that cable it hit a nail, blasted through the fence, and melted our burried tv/internet cable. Zooming towards the house it hit the ground wire and fizzled.

The melted wire below was cut and removed by the cable repair man. The other side of this fence has a scorch flare.


Below are some of the big pieces. There were a lot of small ones too. Notice how the plastic is stripped away leaving bare the inner wire.


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