Sugar ‘n Spice for Breakfast


If you are ever around the Cincinnati area and want a different breakfast experience, give Sugar ‘n Spice a try!


They have been delighting customers since 1941 with the whimsical side of human nature (is the cook kicking that pan and egg or is the egg fighting back?), but also delightful wispy thin pancakes and truly fluffy omelettes!

To end you meal, you (or the kids with you) can choose a rubber ducky as a keepsake.



Travel Theme: Sweet

IMG_8708I have a friend. Everyone should have a friend like her. She can cook! However, she rarely takes on desserts, so she decided to challenge herself with¬†St. Elmo’s Blueberry Bread Pudding. Being an off-the-cuff chef, she did not think to reduce the original recipe (now that she was actually following one) so we have bread pudding coming out the wazoo! But who’s complaining? We shared… and shared… and enjoyed. Now that is one sweet friend!IMG_8709

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