Weekly Travel Theme: Spooky

Ailsa’s photo challenge this week is Spooky.

This photo from my backyard reminded me of  the spookiest author I have ever read, Edgar Allen Poe. The Tell Tale Heart and The Raven both messed me up as a kid.

And previews of The Blob (1958 version, of all things) haunted my youth into my adulthood, but that is another story.

However, the spookiest thing I have ever experienced as an adult was traveling through the Scottish hills along the edge of a loch on a foggy day. Places where there has been tragic death, such as battlegrounds, give me the same feeling.

In addition, there is a lonesome spookiness in places such as mountains like Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

And I really do not like being underground. Something about the Mammoth Caves in KY give me shivers, sort of like “someone walking over your grave”. There is the feeling of tons of earth above that could always come crashing down on top of us.

Or worse, blocking the way out, leaving us to slowly suffocate, knowing our fate… (see, the influence of Poe early on in my life)… yeah, I don’t do well with situations like that. My imagination runs riot.