Monarch Nursery


I was trailing a lovely Monarch flitting from milkweed to milkweed and feeling bad that she was not finding food. She was very busy inspecting each one and gave me a wonderful photoshoot.

About the time I was thinking “poor thing, wonder what’s up” I caught this moment and it dawned on me…


What a privilege – my first butterfly birth! And the single egg was so very delicate and vulnerable looking.


She looked at me – I have no idea what she was thinking, but I was was feeling a bit of awe.


Bumblebees and Milkweed

The lowly milkweed grows prolifically around my childhood farm and I knew it attracted butterflies, so upon moving to an urban setting, I instructed our landscape company to allow their growth. The workers give me strange looks, as I remind them to “leave those weeds”, but I am the one living with an abundance of butterflies and not complaining.

However, this is the first year I have looked at the stunning detail of its flower – I am entranced. A¬†welcome “weed” for sure!