Who’s Watching Who?


Indianapolis has a hidden gem on the West side called Eagle Creek Park. Today we drove through during the rain and bada bing, three of these deer stood near the park road, giving us a wonderful photo shoot. And the whole time I was wondering who was really studying who.

They were obviously comfortable and unconcerned. I, on the other hand, was shaking with excitement and had a hard time getting a steady shot.

Travel Theme: Simplify


This is one of my favorite poses, second only to that moment when a butterfly peeks at me over the top of a flower.


Butterflies are complex beauties, such as this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail,  with many design elements competing with the surroundings. One of the tricks I have found when photographing them is to simplify the background as much as possible.


Sometimes simplification takes the route of minimizing color and background complexity.


When the background is busy, try to use a low depth of field.


Ok, so that sounds all intentional and designerly; in reality, sometimes you only get a fleeting moment in which to point and start shooting, hoping for the best. But then, wow is it fun when you realize you have a winner!IMG_1098

I was getting all wrapped up in the technicalities of butterfly chasing today when suddenly I realized I needed to lower the lens and simply enjoy them fluttering about my head. That is the true beauty of butterflies.

My childhood summers came flooding back. In that moment I experienced the simplification many of us long for.

So, stop and enjoy what you are photographing. Simplify and enjoy the impressions of life.

This post is a part of a weekly travel theme (Simplify) challenge by Where’s My Backpack.


Finding Your Happy


What is it that makes you happy? I am sitting here with my hand tingling from grabbing a stinging nettle earlier today, yet the day has been a quietly happy one.


It occurred to me that what makes us happy is what we choose to make us happy. Like seeing a thrasher in the branches above my head, or capturing this little busy fella during his brunch.


I get a really big kick out of successfully capturing these elusive hummingbird moths with my shutter click. Friends and family look at me strangely. Happy can come in all shapes and sizes.


Sometimes we can do something intentional to bring on those joyful endorphins. Other times we need to purposefully seize the spontaneous moment. Watching this little guy enjoy his floral snack gave me a happy.


How about you? Did you break loose and do something happy today?


Then share it with someone. It just might give them a happy moment too.