For fun I write – a lot, I am told – yet, it is no different than a fish swimming through water. It is natural.

When I am happy, relaxed, and feeling right with the world, I paint. Usually on canvas, but sometimes on masonite or watercolor paper…or wood or metal or fabric or … you get the idea.

But daydreaming, ah yes…daydreaming…those journeys begin by slipping through the lens of a camera and becoming totally lost in worlds I had never seen before. Whether it is lunch with a butterfly on a quivering blossom, sunlit worlds glimpsed in a child’s smile, the joyful abandon of a flying dog, or the canyons in a paint stroke, my camera takes me to beautiful places.

Enjoy my daydreams…

Sheri Garvin
designer. writer. educator.

*All photography is my own unless otherwise indicated.*

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