I have received many questions over this past year about gluten-free resources, so this page is an ongoing assembly of links and information I have found most useful. Get ready for a lot of color and flavor in your life!!!

Beginners start here

The Gluten Free Goddess blogspot has an excellent collection of information including a “How to go Gluten Free” page to get you started.

My advice, don’t do as I did and flip out in a crazy fit of despair. If you have felt as lousy as I have for years, this is a gift, an answer! And… the food is delicious and you will feel physically good after eating!

My favorite blog site

Karina, of the Gluten Free Goddess blog site, has taught me to LOVE cooking. That is saying a lot because I have never enjoyed cooking. And she has taught me to embrace and find joy in the gluten-free diet. Start with some of her easy recipes. I recommend getting onto her blog list as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Whatever works for you.

Other excellent resource sites

Anti-inflamitory diet information

Useful books

Eating Out

Amazingly, just in the last year a tremendous number of the nicer restaurants have started offering gluten-free options. Cooper’s Hawk is one of my favorite places. They really get it and the chef has come out to talk with us more than once.

Restaurants – Gluten Free Indy Celiac Support Group


Want to drink more water? Our household is sold on the Contigo brand of water bottles and we all drink more water when we use them.  Some like to enhance their water with MiO flavors.

Feel free to add your own favorite links in the comments section!

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