Any decent writer needs a feline co-writer, editor, executive supervisor, and all around office companion.

Let me introduce Bendi, a Humane Shelter rescue and a cat of extraordinary character.  (Who now has his own Facebook page, if you happen to be a cat fan.)

Bendi comes to us with excellent skills in unpacking office supplies as well as an outstanding background in public relations. However, he and I are working to develop his organizational skills, which are sadly lacking. Increasing his reward system (Greenies) does not seem to be affecting the situation. Since he is still quite young, I am ever hopeful.

When not working around the office, Bendi tries to convince me that a nap can fix anything, especially writers block. He has been more successful in modifying my behavior than I have his.

Upon occasion, Bendi will be featured in his own blog posts to satisfy his extensive fan club. He may even be amenable to featuring his working companions, Toby and Bailey. Enjoy!

Bendi greeting Toby prior to the unscheduled outdoor office inspection.

Bendi reporting to Bailey at the conclusion of the pop-up inspection. The report was positive – good job Toby and Bailey.

Update: In Feb. 2014, a feral rescue, Snowi, was added to the employee list. Bendi fell in love at first sight, which, while adorable, only made him quite distracted from his duties. She is our sweety. She is slowly learning to trust us and show her own soft personality.



At present time, she is simply eye candy for the office staff and has been given no tasks. However, she has placed herself in the role of Chief Art Critic and has taken up the medium of oils and mixed media.


She has produced two masterpieces as of date. One titled “Yellow Sun on Office Chair” and the other “Gum Eraser Particles Adhering to Carpet”. She is an experiential artist, truly getting into and even consuming her medium.

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