Valley Forge Assumptions Debunked


We are taught that Valley Forge was this horrific winter quarters for Washington and his troops in 1777-78. That may be so, and I sure would not wish to spend several winter months there, but they were also there through June. It is a beautiful area. Of course, with thousand trompling the grounds, it was probably muddy and not so wonderful. Whatever – I received a pleasant surprise when I learned that Washington bunked in a lovely home, not a tent as I erroneously assumed.



I love that PA stone!


And it was particularly affecting to realize I was touching the very banister that our country’s hero had once so casually leaned upon.


The scenery was enchanting without worries of the British on my horizon.



It is well worth visiting the Pennsylvania countryside that was once so ravaged by the blood of our ancestors.

Probably a most illuminating moment was reading a quote from Baron de Steuben in the train station museum near by. We Americans – it explains a lot.