The War of the Wooden Soldiers

IMG_0492Old children’s books hold such fascination for me. Mostly it is the illustrations, so pure in their execution, so honest in their depictions. I wonder about the artists. This one caught my eye so I snagged it from a pile to be sold at an estate sale. What a little treasure.

The War of the Wooden Soldiers by F.M.H. (not sure what that means)
Illustrated by M.L. and W.C. Wheeler
1933 edition

I like to research the illustrators, but was unable to find much on these two other than they have illustrated another book called The House that Jack Built.

War of Wooden Soldiers 1





War of Wooden Soldiers 2

Holiday Painting

Bailey – a gift that started the dog ornaments

The blog suffers during the holidays, especially when I am painting Christmas ornaments. These are oil on frosted glass ornaments.

This is a tradition I started thirty years ago and, while I took a break for several years, I am back at it. I believe in creating keepsakes and capturing memories. Ornaments I painted 30 years ago, when stored properly,  look as new today as they did back then, so I am back to painting them.

For some reason, this is the year of the dog. Most of my ornaments have been of homes people were raised in or of their grandparent’s home. I painted one of our pets (Bailey, above) and the idea took off.

First one closest to completion this year is Marla…


With the tiniest lines, I have been known to use a hair or even my cat’s whisker (after he voluntarily dropped it!)

Various stages of completion… (I love the variety!!!)

Advertising: UR Doin’ it Wrong

How to waste a lot of money lesson #1. Place a billboard at one of the busiest intersections in the city and do not mention the name of the business. Oh, and make the location so small you can’t read it.

Notice: the folks sitting at the light have their back to the board.

The folks facing the board are too far away to really read it, as well as busy navigating the scary intersection or managing the confusing bridge that has various off ramps.

And when curiosity finally gets the best of the passenger in the car and she takes a photo and enlarges it, we still do not know exactly what is being advertised.

Except that Indianapolis has outdoor gear… somewhere… all in one place (the Castleton Mall if you look close enough at the blown up photo.)