Kankakee Sands


Kankakee Sands is a restoration area in Indiana on acres that once was covered with one of the largest lakes in the State, Beaver Lake. Around 100 years ago part of the lake was in Illinois and a businessman (from IL) who owned land on the lake decided to drain this huge body of water. And he did, effectively removing the migrating path for many water birds and did untold damage to the ecosystem as the land was turned into farmland.

The Nature Conservancy has purchased a large portion of this land and is working to return it to native prairie and marshland. They have also introduced a small herd of buffalo, which are a part of the natural prairie.

It is a beautiful work in progress. What amazed me the most were the amount of grasshoppers and crickets. Take a step and the “grass” for about two feet in front of your foot raises and flies. You can hear the wings. But the variety of butterflies and plants are amazing.

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Monarch Nursery


I was trailing a lovely Monarch flitting from milkweed to milkweed and feeling bad that she was not finding food. She was very busy inspecting each one and gave me a wonderful photoshoot.

About the time I was thinking “poor thing, wonder what’s up” I caught this moment and it dawned on me…


What a privilege – my first butterfly birth! And the single egg was so very delicate and vulnerable looking.


She looked at me – I have no idea what she was thinking, but I was was feeling a bit of awe.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

This week, share a photo that foregoes the straightforward in favor of the twisting and winding.

Ben Huberman – The Daily Post



Funny that this is the week’s photo challenge because I had set my own personal challenge to attempt to capture the monarchs on the wing this season. Zigzag? I get dizzy trying to follow them with my lens as they dance around my head.



There are often 2 of them dancing together. Most of my photos turn out blurry or washed out, so I haven’t got the trick yet. Even so, I am having loads of zigzagging fun.



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